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For both genders seeking better cutanous heath & appearance.This includes fillers, Mesotherapy, Botox, chemical peel, Micro-Dermabrasion, Scars moles, skin tags removal, & all modes of LASER therapies. More

The principals in the treatment that Dr. Harb follows for the patients depend on the academic methods. The clients are not real patient but rather individuals seek better skin, faces, bodies and nails…. More

Dr. Harb depends mainly on utilizing utmost technologies available in the world. The services available in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are cutting edge western systems with best medical and technical staff. More


Dr. Harb always wants you to be updated in the services rendered in his practice or elsewhere. Subscription will help you in receiving the recent methods and cutting edge technologies through his letters.

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Every now and then we doctors travel in conferences, training programs and workshops. More
Atopic Eczema Workshop
Sharm El-Sheikh
Seychelles Conference

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