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Atopic Eczema Workshop

In the Period between 13-14/May/2005.

We attended this workshop Under the motto of "Toward the Control of Atopic Eczema through Early Intervention Workshop" . This was sponsored by Novartis in the period of 13-14 May 2005. There were two days of intensive work , the first day was on 13/5/05 and the activities were chaired by Dr. Abdullah Al-Issa from Saudi Arabia. There were voluble presentations and lectures by Professor Michel Meurer from Dresden, Germany and Professor Thomas Luger, Munster, Germany & Prof. Antoun Steuets, Vienna, Austria. The activities were about the "Atopic Dermatitis" from all its dimensions. On Saturday the 14th of May the session were headed by Professor Abdul-Ghani Kibbi from Lebanon while the activities were moderated by Professor Ashraf Reda from Ain Shamis University, Egypt.

There were entertaining activities beside the conference which allows us to meet our mutual friends whom we can not see in out routine life. Medical field is demanding to attend for extended time in the field of work. This type of conferences and workshops allows us to know what is going in the world and to meet each other, yet we can not share in the activities and creation of the science on its basic level...


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