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Seychelles Conference

In the Period between 26-29/3/05.

The trip was to Seychelles which is a place that I will never thought to go without the others in that trip whom were selected by “Sanofi avantis” We went by Emirates Airline through Dubai to Maha Island which the capital of Seychelles. On 26/3/05 we reached the airport and it was a small, clean but primitive port. It was very busy and mostly is making more money than the extravagance airports in the Gulf. The first impression was that the island was hot and humid place but exotic and beautiful. I do not know what the others thought but I thought it is like New Zealand with its natural beautiful dark green plants.

We were resided in “The Plantation Club” which was an excellent selection for our activities. The program were busy from the first day we started listening to lectures of our friends Dr. Yousif Al-Hefny about sinusitis, Dr Amr Shaash about cross fertilization in the Gulf and Wael Yousif abou Antihistamines.

In the evening we went to “Moyenne’s Island” which took about twenty minutes. It was very strange setting, when we reached the island we faced the “Moyenne’s traditional moutya drums as if we were in old Hollywood movies. Those songs were about the plantation then we took our meal and left.

On 27/3/05 we attended the lecture of Dr. Basel Al-Dejeani about Infectious Management. I liked his presentation because it included his special experience in the Gulf. Amr Shalash and Maged Michel presented their topics . We spend the rest of the day on the wonderful beach which has a special character.

On 28/3/05 we went to Praslin and La Gigue islands. Praslin has a heritage of natural palm, the valle De Mai. It is the home of the rare and most bizarre Coco-de-mer palm which has its fruit like buttocks. The tour guide told us that it gets pregnant for twenty five years until it delivers another plant. We then went to La Diage lodge but one thing I noticed was the saviors and other tourist articles were expensive because none were manufactured in Seychelles.

It was a nice brake for the doctors working in the private sector in the Gulf as all has a vast experience and wisdom in their work. The government sector do not need vacations or brake because they have a chronics vacation…


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